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rastreeya beema sansthan mobile app

The National Insurance Institute (Rastriya Beema Sansthan) will now provide life insurance services and all its information from mobile.

The life insurance company, a government-owned insurance company in Nepal, has made mobile applications available for insurers and insureds. The institute has made mobile apps called ‘National Insurance Institute’ (‘राष्ट्रिय बीमा संस्थान’ ) on the occasion of Constitution Day.

The app had 30 total reviews until March 14, 2020, and has got an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 in the Android play store. This app gets downloaded quickly due to its small size with lots of features for insurance stakeholders. You can also easily Calculate Premiums and get details regarding policy.

Publicizing the mobile app, Dhaniram Sharma, president of the Institute, said that the mobile app is just the beginning. He said, ‘This app is just the beginning. We will also add new features to suit the needs and demands of users, insurers, and insured.

He added that adding digital payments to mobile apps and trying to bring online features that consumers are looking for as soon as possible. The administrator of the Institute, Kavi Prasad Pathak, said that the National Insurance Institute, a leading but slow-moving Nepal, has now intensified its pace.

Stating that the institute has accelerated the pace of life insurance business, he said that the government has already included three lakh eighteen thousand ‘policy’ of the civil servants through the civil investment fund in the apps.

Harsharan Shivakoti, the agent of the institute, said that the mobile application of the institute came as a link between the institute, the agent and the insured.

Through mobile apps, information about insurance companies and insurance plans of the institutes is not required to attend the office of the institute for insurance. The general public who wants to get new insurance can pay by the bank and proceed through the same apps.

According to the institute, the mobile subscribers will be able to avail service of the new subscriber from 7th September.

The institute plans to provide ‘user’ and ‘password’ to the old client after uploading details to the app. There is no ‘digital payment system’ in the app for now and it will be put to use soon and the premium can be paid through the same. The payment can be made by using a voucher by depositing the money in the bank to pay the amount immediately.

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